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12-10-05, 09:44 am
I just wanted to say how much I appreciate these websites and forums. I've had guinea pigs since I was eight (I'm 20 now), but I got the latest last March and that's when i found this site. I must say i got quite a kick in the pants, but since then, my pig has gotten

-a 2 by 3 coroplast cage. Then it was 2 by 4. Now it's 2 by 4 with a 1 by 2 loft.
-a wooden house to chew on (which she mostly ignores, but it's there)
-a cage mate
-oxbow hay and cavy cuisine (well, it's on the way in the mail) instead of the pet value stuff
-some ivermectin for those suspected mites (well she'll be getting those once someone confirms that I understand how to administer it).

Anyways, this site is great and a daily learning experience. I just can't get enough. I do have one suggestion however, i msged Ly about this privately but I'm not sure if she received it so I'll just post it on here:

I was thinking of having a "For Dummies" or "Idiot's Guide to" section in each forum, to decrease the amount of repetitive posts and to educate newcomers. For example we can have the idiot's guide to feeding your pig, and it would feature a food chart of what to feed them and how often, and we could state what's the best hay and pellets and provide links where to get them. Or we could have a section about how to use ivermectin, with directions that could be easier to understand than the ones on guinea lynx, and those could have links on where to find cheap ivermectin products, etc.

That's all :).

Edit: After looking around I see that a no-post reference forum has already been suggested. in that case, I support the idea :P.

12-10-05, 09:12 pm
That is a good idea.