View Full Version : Size How Many guinea pigs to a 6x4 cage?

pigs down under
12-22-19, 10:21 pm
I was just wondering how many piggies would live comfortably in my cage. it is a 6x4 base with a 2x4 loft. I currently have 3 rescue pigs in it (2 girls and a neutered boy) and was hoping to get more if the right ones come up. I would take time to introduce them and ensure that they are comfortable with each other.
thanks :)

12-22-19, 11:24 pm
Probably seven or eight. Two guinea pigs require eight square feet at a bare minimum, and you add 1.5-2 square feet for each additional pig. Grids are 14 inches rather than 12, so you've got a little more leeway.

pigs down under
12-23-19, 05:51 pm
Thank you :) I'll keep my eye out now for more girls