View Full Version : Cage Custom cage or C&C?

10-23-19, 05:01 pm
I currently have 1 male guinea pig who I am looking to get a little buddy for. I was curious if a 3x3 C&C cage would be big enough or should I build a custom one that would be approximately 47''x 56''? I would love to build them a custom cage regardless but would it be doable for now?

Guinea Pig Papa
10-23-19, 05:41 pm
A 2 X 5 C and C would be best for 2 male pigs.

10-23-19, 06:11 pm
A 3x3 should also work -- wider is generally better than long and narrow with boars.

C&C cages are really good -- they can be remodeled ad infinitum, to any shape you choose. And you can start from scratch or buy a kit, whichever suits your talents and/or budget.