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pig pal
12-08-05, 08:52 pm
One of my pigs, a male has slowed way down on his food intake again. He seems to do this every now and then. This time he has lost noticable weight. Teeth are OK. He moves around ok though not as much as usual and just picks at his usual food, Romain, Celentel, hay etc. If this keeps up he's going to have to go in to the vet. Anybody have this problem?

12-08-05, 09:57 pm
Sounds like you should not wait to go to a vet. Not eating/ weight loss is very bad.


Are you weighing him weekly?

12-09-05, 01:14 am
DONT WAIT GO TO A VET! not eating is serious. a pig usually cant get anough food. Without more info we cant help you.:important

go to the vet asap

12-09-05, 04:34 am
Refusal to eat, weight loss and decreased movement is something a vet needs to see to - especially since your piggy has all 3 symptoms. Please make an appointment ASAP at a good vet.

pig pal
12-12-05, 09:09 pm
Well after about a week of nibbling small bits.,Snowball finished his morning allotment of romain and is eating close to normal. Actually this is not new for him but hasn't lasted for as long previously. He is a larger ,3 lb. peruvian going on 6 yrs.

Herbie Girl
12-12-05, 09:12 pm
I'm glad he is doing better..


12-12-05, 09:55 pm
Glad to hear he is doing better.