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12-08-05, 03:21 pm
We all know most piggies do certain things like wheek and so on. But what are some quirks that seem pretty unique to your piggy?

Haha! I just saw Nismo do something the past few days I hadn't noticed before. I was sitting in the living room when I hear him ZOOM down the ramp from the loft. The loft is where his sleeping tent is at. Well he RUNS down the ramp and jumps into the box under the hay rack. And he situates himself as if to go potty, and he just sits there for a few minutes until he's done :rolleyes:. Then I've seen him do that again a couple more times since. This CRACKS me up! lol I can just imagine, he's sleeping tidy in his tent, when all of a sudden the urge comes one and Nismo thinks "Oh shoot! I have to go potty, OMG I have to make it to the potty spot!" ZOOM down the ramp. There are still tons of poopies in his tent, but I wonder what makes him zoom down like that on certain occasions to potty, Im thinking to pee?

I have also noticed that Momo is developing some quirks of his own. His favorite hobby right now is to flip his pellet bowl over his head :melodrama . It's a tiny little bowl enough for maybe a 1/8 cup of pellets, its hard plastic. Well everytime I fill it, its like he likes to play 'lets make amess'. He grabs the bowl with his teeth from the bottom and flips it! Then when its empty he'll grab it and flip it over his head, ha! Crazy pig, loves to make mommy clean.

12-08-05, 03:40 pm
Bonnie is the first guinea pig I have met that is not fussy about food. She will eat ANYTHING, and I mean ANYTHING. I have to be careful that there is no dropped food on the floor when she is having floor time as she would chow down on a week old piece of bread. She snatched my toast away from me one morning. Weirdo.

Pigaroo Mama
12-08-05, 03:41 pm
Ha, that's hilarious.
Some quirky piggers you have there.

I have a ceramic crock-type bowl I'm not using anymore...

12-08-05, 04:11 pm
Charlie tries to help me with my breakfast. I had my bowl of fruit on the floor and he just came over and dragged a piece of apple out. He came back for another one, and then I realised he didn't even eat them. Cheeky little man! Not that it's exactly unique or anything.

My pigs also love climbing on me. I lay on my front, drape a blanket over my back, the pigs jump up, poop, pee, poop, popcorn, poop and pee and then fight me to get back in the cage.

12-08-05, 04:17 pm
Pig-Pig who is my husbands pig, has picked him as a mate and gets jealous if the other female Chub-chub trys to get into Pig-pigs nook of his arm, she chatters and carries on as if to say, "you stay away this is MY daddy" :)

And when the boys are out, if they hear a wierd noise or something they boogey right up under my chin and peek out at me as if saying, "mommy is the coast clear" :D

12-08-05, 05:39 pm
Hercules is one for greeting me at the cage every time I walk into the room. CC gets on his hind legs for food and Smores, well, he's Smores. Every day is a new adventure.

12-08-05, 05:48 pm
I love reading about these piggie quirks and mannerisms :D!

Ball Lightning
12-08-05, 06:12 pm
When the citters get floortime (which they demand by making loud noise when you are just started to watch your favourite soap opera by biting the grids), I let the pet store cage open at all times (c&c cage doesn't open). Gino jumps out of his cage immediately, runs his favourite route, jumps into the cage, runs around once, jumps out, make his favourite lap, jump in, runs his round inside the cage, rinse, repeat for 5 times or so. That's his way of unstress I guess, but it is a hilarious sight! Too bad for him he has to adjust his route when the c&c cage will be enlarged and the pet store will disappear.
Gino doesn't eat much other than pellets, hay and some veggies. He is a bad eater. Very annoying when friends give me cavy snacks for my brithday (if I say I don't know what I want for birthday AGAIN) and it disappears all only in the belly of Joey.
When I put them down on me, they both tell me they have enough of cuddling by pulling on my just bought sweater with their teeth. They keep doing this until they will be put back. VERY annoying. One started it, the other saw it worked and immitated very quickly. Fortunately, they give us a minute or 5-10 until they get fed up.

That's about all. Sometimes I feel I don't condition them, but they condition me either!

12-08-05, 06:17 pm
My Cocoa has come up with a new way to demonstrate that she's the boss. I've made them a little house from a grid square bent in half and a piece of fake fur. It looks like a cross between a tent and a wookie. Anyway, Cocoa loves to climb up on top, wiggle her bum as if to say "I'm the queen of the castle!", then does a couple of popcorns and jumps down. It's the cutest thing.

12-08-05, 11:57 pm
The other day I was making the pig-dinner, and my daughter didn't notice and took Hoover over to the sofa with her. Einstein was watching me and when he saw me coming over with the salad plate and Hoover was still missing, Einie started to SHRIEK, not his happy food noise but a very shrill loud distress whistle -- "Oh NO! Food coming and I can't find my buddy! This is all wrong, help! Help!" He was a very anxious and distressed pig until Hoove was returned to share the salad and things were back the way they're supposed to be.

You think they're not that attached to each other, but then you see something like that...Einie doesn't even want salad until Hoover is there to eat with him.

12-09-05, 07:17 am
Ok! Those are all so adorable. My new iggers are the funniest things ever! lol

Charlie has this thing for chasing Moe around whenever he's ticked. So Moe will be sitting in his hidey house sleeping, all of a sudden Charlie will decide that he wants the purple hidey house. So he runs over to Moe's wakes him up by running in the house. WEll the whole house gets elevatedd and they both are running around in circles under it, Charlie goosing Moe and Moe goosing Charlie. Moe will get tired so he'll run out of the house wheeking and go behind it. Charlie wil come out looking for him find him and chaxse him aroiiund until Moe runs inot hte blue hidey house. Well They chase each other around balancing the house on their backs! Then Moe will r un out again and decide he's thirsty. Funnily enough charlie is too. So Cahrlie chses Moe around and then once Moe goes into a hidey house charlie goes to get his drink! It is soooo funny! They never hurt each other....it's just weird.

The other night we decided to put the littler tray back in. Charlie had just scared mome reallly bad that day. you could tell becuase Moe is usulaly to scared to go up the ramp unless ti's for food or he's alone. Well,yesterday Moe was under his new sleeping box, thats always dark, lying there when I got home. He didn't move when I came into the bedrom that was a sure sign that Charlei had scared him. So later when I put the littler tray back in with some care fresh Moe finally came dwn because I goosed him so he'd stop hiding. before we took the tray out the first time The pigs used to love shooting the care fresh everywhere. We'd put in in, go eat supper , come back and it would be gone. So that's why we took it out. Anyway, Moe came down and plopped his butt in the tray. Charlie came over and started teeth chattering really bad, and Moe started shaking. After a few minurtes I scared Charlie away. Well Moie sat in there and would hardly come out for food, It took a lot of coaxing. AFter supper Moe invaded on Charlie's spcae and Charlie chased him all the way over to the litter box. Moe franitcaly tried to jump in. Instead he flipped th whle tray over on top of his head. lol Crazy piggers!!!!

12-09-05, 08:25 am
Dusty will "protect" me from my dogs. If I'm holding him, and then my dog comes in, he will start chattering his teeth and pacing on my stomach. When he's not on me, he loves the dogs. Wieerrrd...Also, one time he bit one of my dogs that came to close to me...

Every morning at 2 A.M. (of course, the most inconvientient time) Cocoa jumps on top of his homemade pigloo and popcorns, then jumps off in a way that makes it fall over. He does that just so I have to get out of bed to put it back up. I'm a sucker for pigs):heart:

12-09-05, 09:02 am
My pigs just seem to like getting into trouble together. Usually one is always chasing the other, but sometimes the piggie train gets formed and they both start exploring my apartment and finding new ways to cause mischief. Also, they like to wheek like there's no tomorrow when they see my boyfriend heading to the kitchen, because they've learned that he's the carrot dispenser :P.

My last pig, Punker used to give me piggie kisses on my nose, and stay at the top of the stairs when I told him to so I could go get food. He'd always steal our food too. One time, he climbed into my dad's lunchbox because there was an apple in there. I have a lot of fond memories of Punker, I could go on about him forever.

12-09-05, 09:05 am
Dot:She tries to run like a dog.Its so funny!
cookie:She likes to run laps in floor time.