View Full Version : Health issues in older boars

12-08-05, 02:09 pm
What kind of medical problems may come up in boars neutered and un as they get on in age? What are the most common issues?

12-08-05, 04:19 pm
Interesting question. I *think* unneutered boars may have a slightly increased risk of impaction (the weight of the testicles isn't bearing on the muscles in the rear end, so the muscles may stay stronger longer if the boar is neutered). Correct me if I'm wrong, but it does make sense to me.

12-08-05, 04:35 pm
I don't know the reason but neutered boars are less likely to get impacted. Older boars are more likely to get impacted especially if they aren't kept in good shape. As they get older they may become less active and lose muscle tone. Other than that probably just the general problems all creatures experience as they get old. Internal organs don't function as well and are more likely to have problems and joint problems are 2 common things that come to mind.

12-08-05, 05:01 pm
Only thing I can think of to add to the above are greying fur on some boars and thicker nails.

Spinel, my old timer is less active but very mellow around people. He has an enlarged heart and bad impaction that needs to be cleaned out every 5-7 days. He is always walking about with a poop in his bum. His poor little bum muscles just can't push hard enough of the last bean.

His fur is greying (he is black and white with long hair. His roots are grey) and his nails are pretty thick.

I think he needs some "Just for boars" hair dye in his stocking (j/k) :p