View Full Version : C&C Alternatives Dog exercise pen as a cage?

07-15-19, 07:51 pm
What covers the wire in the grid wire modular storage cubes in c&c cages? I'm thinking of using Frisco Dog Exercise Pen with Step-Through Door (https://www.chewy.com/frisco-dog-exercise-pen-step-through/dp/125048) as a cage, but it's coated in black electro-coat finish, and I don't know if that's safe for guinea pigs to chew on.

07-15-19, 07:55 pm
I think that's safe, but if you wind up with bar-chewers, you need to keep them from doing it because of the danger of mouth injuries. Most people cover the inside of the cage with plexiglass up to a level where they can't chew.

And even if you do have bar chewers, you may not have to line the whole cage. My very determined bar chewer only chewed on the end of the cage closest to the refrigerator. lol

07-16-19, 06:18 am
Also, how big do the spaces between the bars need to be? Like in inches?

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07-16-19, 06:32 am
Because it seems like the gap between these bars is pretty big, someone asked about it housing a rabbit on Chewy? The Chewy person said the gaps were 3.5-4.9 cm, which to me seems really big, but then another person who actually had a rabbit said that the bars were big enough for a babyís head to get caught but definitely not big enough for an adult to get caught. I will not have babies, so that part doesnít matter to me. I know that guinea pig and rabbit sizes are different, but they are still kind of close. So Iím confused? Are the gaps small enough or not?

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07-16-19, 10:27 am
Go to the cage store, using the tab at the top of this forum, and read the explanations given about the size of the grid holes that are SAFE.

Use that as your guide and Google to covert cm to inches, and vice versa, as you look for an enclosure you are considering to make sure it is safe.