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07-04-19, 10:43 am
Hello all,

my roommate and I about a year ago purchased two guinea pigs, Scoop and Tito. They've bonded nicely and get along well. Recently we made them a brand new 5x3 cage with a small second level and purchased a third guinea named JP. They all live in this enclosure and have bonded and get along great. There is no bullying going on but Scoop and JP are much better friends than either are with Tito so we yesterday purchased a fourth, named Prince, to try and make a nice even number. JP is still young but is getting to be about the same size as the other two. Prince is living in a separate cage by himself currently and is still extremely skittish around people. What would be the best way to bond Prince with the other three, and does anyone have a recommendation for a play pen to bond them in a neutral site with. Scoop and Tito have been very submissive with JP so far but I imagine he is yet to fully hit puberty. We really don't want to have to separate any of them because they've been getting along so well and are quite playful with each other. The cage has several different spots for hay, pellets, and veggies, but we definitely don't want to throw Prince in before bonding at a neutral spot.


07-04-19, 10:46 am
If JP and Prince are very young, neither has hit full puberty, and you may yet have wars. My best advice to you is to have two cages and two pairs rather than trying to put four males together.

But if you do try the introductions, just do them in a small room and block part of it off if necessary.

07-04-19, 09:20 pm
Would it be a good idea to let JP go fully through puberty and then introduce Prince afterwards, because Prince is definitely younger than JP?