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06-12-19, 08:50 pm
Hello this is my first ever post on this forum!

I have a male guinea who is a little over a year old and his bottom area gets so nasty! Especially the grease gland part. I know baths are very stressful for guineas so I only want to use it as a last resort. That being said, I'm in need of some advice on keeping his bottom clean. I currently use fleece bedding that I shake out at least once a day.

Thank you!

06-13-19, 02:12 pm
Let me guess.......does your cavy have a white belly & bum? If so, it is a never-ending struggle to keep them clean. As terrific as fleece may be, there simply is no place for the poops to go away from his bottom. If he urinates and poops in the same spot and doesn't move, he is bound to get dirty. My Sparky is a Dalmatian and loves to sleep in his litter box. No matter how much we tidy the cage or litter box, he has a perpetually stained belly/bum.

When it gets too nasty, we do "butt baths" where you don't submerge his whole body in water, but just clean his belly and bum. Sparky is so accustomed to this routine that he will calmly permit my husband to prop him against the side of the kitchen sink and even use the sprayer to rinse him off. Just be sure to dry him after the bath, winter or summer. Cavies have delicate respiratory systems and can catch a cold easily. Keep him out of a draft and dry him with a hairdryer set on low/warm. Keep your hand between the dryer and piggy to monitor the temperature.

Also, if your boy isn't neutered, you need to clean his anal sac at least 1x/month. Use the search function on the upper right to find videos and instructions as to how to do this. My boy is neutered and I still have to clean him as a part of good hygiene.