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05-21-19, 11:11 am
Hi there! I'm Lychee.

I haven't owned guinea pigs in some years since I was a teenager living with my parents. We raised two over six years. The first was a retired kindergarten pet who was quite old when we adopted him. He lived his final, quiet year with us in relatively good health until the end. The vet couldn't tell how old he was, but I imagine being handled by children with constant stimulation in a tiny cage added a few years to him. The second was a purchase from Petco (back when I was less knowledgeable about rescues) - she lived for about five and a half years. Each was alone and though given plenty of love, I decided that the next time I had a piggy family, it would have more than one!

I adopted two sisters (1 year) from someone who could no longer take care of them. They were clearly well-loved given as they ended up being completely free with all their supplies in the hopes that I would give them more love! They are very sweet, although one is much more receptive to being handled than the other. I was intimidated by the C&C cages and bought a Midwest, although I am regretting that since the customizing aspect seems rather interesting. Perhaps in the future I will use them for add-ons if possible.My two girls love the Midwest (pending ramp and eating area setup) although their lofts limit the amount of popcorning they can do, so I am considering expanding it with a second cage. They're on Guineadad fleece liner but have a habit of ripping the edges out of place and burrowing underneath rather than in the actual pocket or the hideaways. I'm considering clips to keep them in place, but am open to suggestions!

I hope to learn a lot from this forum so that I can be the best guinea pig parent I can be!

05-21-19, 02:12 pm
Welcome to the forum! I started my second time being a pig parent in November when I took in a one month old pair of siblings :) I never knew about this forum before then but I have learned so much to be a better pigmom.
As far as burrowing under the liner, does your piggy know there’s a pocket? Mine has to be shown cool things like that, otherwise they would just lay on it. Also, binder clips come in handy to secure edges to the cage. Or putting heavy objects on corners, like food bowls, big hideys, and hay racks helps.

05-21-19, 04:26 pm
Hi Lychee. It's so nice to meet you and welcome you to the forum. Your new little girls sound adorable. What are their names?

You asked about suggestions on keeping them from burrowing underneath the fleece. I've tried many different ways such as using small sections of rebar purchased at Home Depot and putting three sections around the fleece to hold it in place. That worked for a while but one of my girls became so frustrated by trying to move the rebar to crawl under the fleece that I just finally gave up and let her crawl under. She's happy that way and I keep a fleece pad there and just change it out every night. It makes for more laundry but I don't mind.

I did not have good luck with the GuineaDad liner that I purchased. I blocked open the pocket so they would go in it but they just didn't like it. I also found that it quickly became wet and dirty within just a short time in the cage. I've had better luck with just buying, since I can't sew, lots of fleece liners to spread throughout the cage. They're very easy to change out and it does help to keep your main fleece liner cleaner for a longer period of time.

I also use Piggy Bedspreads but I don't know if they make them for the Midwest cages. I love the Piggy Bedspreads. I know they are expensive but they seem to withstand lots of use and lots of washings without showing any signs of wear.

05-21-19, 05:03 pm
Thanks for the welcomes! Their names are Rosie and Raisin.

I actually used binder clips to try and pin up the pocket. They love it, but they seem super distracted by the fact the other corners anyway, especially the ones in shadowy corners. I layered the opposite end where the eating area will be with multiple towels in the hopes that they will be occupied with all the layers. I had also tried placing the food bowl, hut, etc in the corners which upset one of my piggies and she began sitting on top/angrily moving them. She won and ended up under the fleece again, lol.

The rebar sounds like a good idea. Maybe it is just that they need more fleece/layers. I love the Guineadad liner so far because it seems very high-quality, but frustrating given their prices. I invested in two but most of their pee has been underneath the actual liner! It is good smell-wise and clean-up has been comparatively simple, but maybe just because so much of it is beneath the layer and the absorbency isn't really being tested. Piggy Bedspreads does service Midwest cages, but the lining of the fleece looks like it would have the same issue. Once the other pieces of the cage come in, I can better navigate a solution for them.