View Full Version : Bonding Is adding a third guinea pig a good idea?

05-17-19, 10:24 pm
I have a happy pair of guineas at the moment one neutered male and one female both around 5-7 months of age.

I'm going to be getting them a bigger cage which can hold 3-4 guinea pigs and I was thinking that if I got another female pig that would be the best time should the introduction go well as the cage would be as neutral ground as it could be.

However i'm not sure now whether getting one by itself is a good idea as I have heard about two piggies staying a pair and the other being a loner or being picked on ect. I would prefer only getting one but if it is really necessary I could go for more to ensure everyone ends up happy in the end.

05-17-19, 10:33 pm
Adding a third pig is always a crap shoot. It may work, it may not, and you may wind up with three solo pigs who refuse to live with either of the other two.

You definitely couldn't add a male -- two males with females are almost guaranteed to fight, even if they've been neutered. Another sow might work. Your best bet might be a baby sow.

05-18-19, 08:22 pm
When I added one new one to my pair that had been together a couple years (granted all girls) I had some difficulty at first during little introduction things but someone or 2 people on here sent me link to proper introductions and bonding and I did the bath all together method and then put them all in clean caged area away from cage and then cleaned cage with vinegar and washed fleece in vinegar while they did introductions together and kept an eye out. It went well for me and then I ended up adding a 4th one with same method and it worked well for me too. Maybe with the bathing method as well as since itll be one Male itll be okay? I also threw anything wood and couldn't be cleaned out well.

05-18-19, 10:41 pm
Thx for the replys = )

Having everyone hate one another is the worst outcome, would that happen over hours, day or weeks during/after introduction and should I be on the look out for anything that might suggest this might happen between all three?

I'll be tossing the wooden hides as well. But I really want to prevent a disaster now.

05-19-19, 03:32 am
From my experience if adult guinea pigs are going to hate each other it happens within the first few minutes of being put together, this can quickly lead to outright fighting (fur flying, blood drawn kind of fighting), or it could be apparent over the first few hours that these guinea pigs are going out of their way to avoid interacting with each other. It is normal for guinea pigs to bicker as they establish a new hierarchy, to find out more about what is normal behavior during introductions check out this page https://guinea-pigs.livejournal.com/3002707.html

However things can be different with a baby involved and it can take months for problems to arise, as the baby can disrupt the hierarchy as it goes through "puberty".