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05-16-19, 11:36 pm

my name is fry. I love to popcorn and eat delicious tomatoes. I also enjoy eating and watching tv with my family. I am very loved and love my cage my family bought me. Sometimes i like to hide in my little house area but sometimes i love just eating most of the day. I have sisters and brothers whom i follow around in my cage. I love to run around. What are your names ?! :)

05-17-19, 07:18 am

But brothers and sisters in the same cage? If they're over four weeks old and not spayed/neutered, the sisters are most likely pregnant. And while pregnancy and delivery are dangerous for all sows, it's much more so for young ones whose skeletons are not yet developed. And pregnancy by their brothers drastically increases the possibility of deformed pups and other birth defects.

Please separate them by sex immediately, and put the females on pregnancy watch.