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05-07-19, 06:43 pm

I just got this baby from an animal shelter. First time parent here, and will be in need of some tips on how to take good care of this baby. :love:

05-07-19, 07:35 pm

Here's some recommended reading for new pig owners: https://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/threads/113176-Information-for-new-guinea-pig-owners

S/he will need a buddy. Don't take anyone's word for what sex they are -- put the two side by side and turn them over and compare their private parts. You want same sex pairs -- guinea pig pregnancy/birth are pretty dangerous, not least because the pups are HUGE in relationship to the size of the sow.

05-07-19, 07:39 pm
That is a VERY young cavy! Babies this young especially need the companionship of another piggy as they are frighteningly vulnerable and lonely. Plus, it is easier to pair them when they are this age. Please do consider getting it a cagemate sooner rather than later. What a cutie!

05-08-19, 09:37 am
Awe, so cute! I love the little one’s colors.
As already said, get the little one a little friend! Or a “role model” pig that can teach your cavy how to be a pig. Not that the little one doesn’t know how, but sometimes it can be tough for young ones to know what to eat, or that not all things are scary.

05-08-19, 07:08 pm
I will go back to the shelter on weekend to get a pair, thank you all for the warm welcome and tips.

05-08-19, 09:04 pm
Just make sure the little one is a girl. If it is a boy getting a pair to go with him wouldn't be a good idea as boars don't go well in trios.

05-08-19, 09:09 pm
Also, you'll need a cage larger than any pet store sells for three pigs. Three pigs need at least 10 square feet, if not more. A smaller cage will work while they're very young, but crowded conditions cause aggression, and ears get eaten.