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02-11-04, 04:14 pm
I just switched to towels today, and I'm wondering how often to clean them. My husband put the towels in a couple of hours ago, and they alreadyhave poop (and food) all over! It looks sloppy now, but I know its because I'm used to it blending in with bedding rather than standing out on bright blue towels. The pigs seem comfy, though.

Would it be a good idea to vacuum out the dropped food and poop daily and then wash the towels a couple of times a week? I didn't buy a spare set of towels yet because I wanted to give it a try first to see how well it works out. So far it seems 923847293847 times better than the fun of changing bedding all the time.

02-11-04, 07:05 pm
To me, you just trade the pain of cleaning bedding for the pain of doing laundry.

FYI, some company is sending me some special pads to try. I'll let you know if they work. Would be better than towels. Maybe.

02-12-04, 12:56 am
I much rather throw towels in the wash than fight with bedding, especially now that I no longer live near a place with any decent pig stuff. Luckily I was given several gallons of ultra-concentrated detergent from a relative who got it as a gift for installing a water filtration system. I can wash dog blankets and pig towels for days!

I thought about putting a puppy pad under the towels, but I figured they might dig under and chew on the pad. Then again, they can chew on the towels too. Oddly enough, they aren't big chewers. Newspapers, however...that's their enemy.

Let us know how those pads work out.

02-13-04, 08:14 am
I've tried towels and vetbed (a carpet-like material designed for using as bedding for pets - it draws the urine away from the surface http://www.bunnybazaar.co.uk/largeViews/comfort/vbed.html) but neither worked well for me.

Aside from the constant sweeping up of poops to stop them constantly lying in them and smelling a bit iffy, I also ended up changing the towels at least twice a day to keep the surface dry (they go where they want in the cage, and I didn't want them lying on a damp surface). The vetbed was slightly better as it could go a couple of days without being washed, as the surface stayed dry.

I did get very bored of all the washing though, and although I always gave the towels/ vetbed a good brush off with a dustpan brush before I put them in the washing machine, I did get a bit of a build up of pig hair in the machine too. I'm sure it didn't do the machine any favours, and it meant pig hairs were appearing over clothes in completely separate washes.

Anway it does work well for some people, so maybe it will go your way!