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04-18-19, 02:27 am
Hi everyone! Just wanted to pop in to introduce myself to this lovely community! I am not new to forums, but it is my first time in this one. I own two male guinea pigs, both are rescues and I love them both to bits. I've been taking care of my piggies for about 3 years now but made many mistakes at the start.... Store bought cage being the biggest of my mistakes. I now have a 2 X 6 C&C cage and I'm very happy with the space it gives. Honestly, I should have know better as I'm a strong advocate against keeping hamsters and mice in store bought cages, but I learned from my mistakes and want to make my babies lives as good as possible.

My guinea pigs names are Scott and Wily.

Scott is about 6 years old now and Wily is only about 7 months old. Before we got Wily, we had 3 more guinea pigs. Rudy, who passed away after a year of owning him, the vet doesn't know why and Westie and Charlie, who I fostered in my home until I was able to adopt a guinea pig, who was Wily at 5 weeks old.

Wily and Scott get on like a house on fire, they are inseparable but I'm aware that Scotty is quite old and so I would like to expand my herd before the inevitable happens. I don't want Wily to be left alone for any amount of time.

I think this is more or less the general rundown of my guinea pig experience. I hope to see you all around! :D

04-18-19, 03:18 am
My old man, Scotty:

The baby, Wily: