View Full Version : Introductions are 2 new pigs a good idea?

04-15-19, 11:57 pm
Hello, we have 2 female guinea pigs that we have had for almost 3 years. They are slightly older than 3 years. We have been wanting to get another pig or 2 for some time now and have actually found 2 females that are bonded to each other that are up for adoption at our local spca that we really like a lot! Here's where our possible issues are. The 2 female pigs that are up for adoption are the same age as our current females and we weren't sure if that would make a difference as to how the bonding goes. However our reasons for getting a second pair instead of just a third one is so if they don't all get along we can have 2 cages that house 2 pigs each. I am nervous of this as I don't particularly want two cages but we would if we had to. Do you guys have any advice as to how this might go or if it's a bad idea to go from 2 to 4? Thanks!

04-16-19, 07:02 am
There's no way to know how it will go. It depends on the personality of the pigs, not on the age.

Will the SPCA let you take them for a trial run and see if it works out?

04-16-19, 11:04 am
If you try, please use a cage that is 3 c&c wide and minimum 4 grids long. I have had much better luck with 4 boars with the wider cage. And my four sows are in a 3x4 cage now. And if you do need two cages, stacked works really well.85828

04-16-19, 12:28 pm
Thanks for the responses, we do have a large cage big enough for 4 piggies:)

04-17-19, 12:12 pm
So we decided to adopt 3 new pigs! When we went to look at the 2 we wanted another one was brought in that was badly neglected so of course we decided we had to have all 3. Once the quarantine is over and we start introductions should we put all 5 pigs together at once or should we introduce our old piggies to the new piggies one at a time?

04-17-19, 02:12 pm
All at once. You're just prolonging the agony otherwise. Do it in a VERY large neutral area at a time when you've got hours and hours to give to it. It just takes longer to introduce groups than it does singletons.

04-17-19, 03:50 pm
thanks so much for the help! we can't wait to bring them all home!

04-18-19, 10:06 am
bpatters is correct, make the area very large for introductions. Mine spent ours on the floor during the first I ever did and it went bad once in the cage. So I had to separate for the night, cleaned the cage fully, gave buddy baths and it was fine afterwards and another very long intro.85847