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red blur
02-11-04, 01:37 pm
Forgive me, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to upload my cage photos. Am I missing something? Help!

02-13-04, 08:20 am
Firstly, make sure you're signed in to the galleries area. Then, look under the row of photos at the top titled 'Recent Photos - All Galleries'. There's a navigation bar starting with 'All Galleries' and the very right category of that is 'Upload Photos'. Click on that and off you go!

02-21-04, 04:21 pm
i cant seem to upload i keep gettin errors i thought it was my isp but nope changed pc's like 5 times and still not able ot upload

02-21-04, 09:45 pm
LTPM, what exactly is the error? Could you please copy and paste it into this thread?

Also, what is the size of your photo in kb and also the dimensions (pixels by pixels)?


03-19-04, 05:42 pm
I can't find up load any where?

03-19-04, 05:45 pm
I can't find up load any where?You have to click into the photo galleries here to get to the photo upload option on the menu bar: http://cavycages.com/photos/index.php

03-19-04, 05:48 pm
[QAll i get is all gallerys and search gallerys?

03-19-04, 06:26 pm
as soon as you hit the photo galleries scroll down abit and on the right hand side you'll see Upload Photos. Also make sure your logged in