View Full Version : Bonding Tips for introducing cavies/finding a partner

03-24-19, 11:33 am
I want to find my lone boar a partner but I'm nervous about going about it as he's my first guinea pig. It won't be awhile until I can get him a partner and a bigger cage since i'll be getting a job during the summer and my parents will only help with food and bedding. I don't want to get another pig only to have them incompatible and be left with two lone pigs so I thought will going to a shelter and asking for our pigs to be introduced prior to adopting be better? I'm also wondering if having a female pig and getting him neutered or just getting another boar be better? Does age matter? I got my pig from a pet store and they told me he's 4 months so going off that he'd be around 8 months. Would a younger or older pig be better for him?

03-24-19, 12:00 pm
Personality matters far more than age. That said, eight months is a hard time to introduce boars, especially if they're both adolescents.

Try to find a good guinea pig rescue somewhere near you and take him for a meet and greet. A dedicated rescue will have staff more knowledgeable about guinea pigs than a shelter.

You might get lucky and find a neutered female in a shelter or rescue, but they're pretty scarce. Another option is to get him neutered, but that's probably a last resort -- it's expensive, and while not terribly risky, all surgeries do carry some risks and complications can happen.

03-24-19, 05:31 pm
Thank you! Neutering him was always iffy with me since im not sure if i'd be able to find an exotic pet vet and unfortunately they aren't any guinea pig rescues near me but I'll try my luck at a shelter or general animal rescue.

03-24-19, 05:38 pm
Where are you located? City/state, not address. We might be able to help you find a vet, since you'll undoubtedly need one at some time in his life. Small animal vets treat dogs and cats, not exotic pets, and some of them are downright dangerous.