View Full Version : Cleaning Questions about using a combination of fleece and paper bedding

03-23-19, 01:12 pm
Hello! Iím currently in the stage of planning out a cage layout.

In the past when I owned Guineas I had used all paper bedding, but this was in a cage with no dividers. This time, the cage will have a divider that I plan to use to separate between the food and water area, and a ďplayĒ area.

In the food and water area I want to use paper bedding and fleece in the other. Will they mostly urinate in the food and water area? I was always too intimidated to use fleece in the past because I was worried about being able to manage the urine aspect of cleaning the fleece. (Iím completely fine with daily cleaning of poop on the fleece as I know they canít really help when and where they poop :p)

Thank you!

03-23-19, 02:19 pm
They'll pee and poop wherever they eat and sleep the most.

What is it about the urine and the fleece that you're not sure about managing? The fleece gets cleaned by being washed in a washing machine.

03-23-19, 02:53 pm
When I had attempted using fleece in the past, even after preparing it for use (which I'm sure I must have messed up somehow) it didn't seem to do a very good job at staying dry (even with potty pads underneath) and I'm worried about messing it up again. After looking it up again today I've found some other preparation methods I hadn't seen before so I think I'll try those out and hopefully perfect the method lol

03-26-19, 11:28 am
I use fleece in the whole cage with washable incontinence pads underneath. I make pads the size of placemats with fleece outside and a microfiber kitchen towel inside. I put those under hideys and in corners since those are the toilet areas. Sometimes I use paper towels or shredded paper around the food areas so I can pick it up and toss it out. The fleece and pads wash best if the load is packed loose in the washer. You end up with stacks of bedding, but it’s easy to keep clean.