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03-17-19, 08:42 am
Hello. We were sitting in a different room when our guinea pigs let out a very high pitched squeal, almost like a whistle. We donít know who or why, and nothing is unfamiliar with them. Does anybody know what a whistle like sound mean?

Guinea Pig Papa
03-17-19, 09:26 am
This might sound like a silly question, but have your guinea pigs never wheeked before?

Google "guinea pig wheeking" and watch a video or two to see what I mean.

Guinea Pig Papa
03-17-19, 09:27 am
If they have and you do know what I mean, it's just entirely possible that they want a treat, or are just trying to get your attention.

03-17-19, 09:46 am
Hi. We’ve heard them squeak before, and this was completely different. Was very high pitched. They don’t normally ask for attention unless they want vegetables, and at that time it was about an hour after we gave the vegetables to them.

Guinea Pig Papa
03-17-19, 10:01 am
There's really no telling what it could be, then. If they seem all right health wise, I wouldn't worry about it.

About a year and a half ago, we had a light thunderstorm under way. There was a lot of lightning, but very little thunder and what there was, wasn't very loud. Lightning must have struck close by, because there was a very loud crash of thunder, and Scooter let out one loud wheek! Just one.

We always joke and say that it must have scared the wheek out of him.

All in all, if everything seems fine I wouldn't worry about it.

03-17-19, 01:11 pm
Thank you so much

03-17-19, 10:02 pm
Was it chirping? It sounds like a bird.