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03-07-19, 09:43 am
We've found a bonded pair in a shelter near us that we're thinking of adopting. We have more than enough space in our current cage. I was just hoping anyone could direct me to any resources or give me any tips on how to properly introduce our current pair with the new pair.

I know you're supposed to quarantine for 2-3 weeks. First of all, we don't have a separate room to keep them in. As long as they're on the opposite side of the room, will that be sufficient? Also, during the quarantine, how should I be handling my OG pigs and new pigs?

Finally, when I'm ready to do introductions, can anyone comment specifically on introducing two pairs? Most resources I've found just talk about introducing single pigs together. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

03-07-19, 10:05 am
First of all, if they're males, don't do it at all. More than two males together is a REALLY hard slog, and it fails nearly every time. A very few people with very laid back pigs have been able to make it work, but for all the rest, it's been utter failure.

You won't be quarantining for airborne diseases if you put them in the same room. But in general, you handle your older pigs first, then the new ones, then change your shirt and wash your hands thoroughly before handling the older ones again.

You introduce pairs the same way you do singletons, but in a really large area, and at a time when you've got many hours to give to it if necessary. Do NOT rush the process. See https://guinea-pigs.livejournal.com/3002707.html for a good method of introductions.

04-09-19, 09:54 pm
How do you know that the introduction is over and you can now put them in the cage together? I have 2 females right now and I am about to introduce a 3rd female after her quarantine is up.

04-10-19, 06:18 am
I leave them in the introduction area for several hours, at least until they're good and tired and ready for a nap.