View Full Version : Sick Ongoing urinary problems, vet not helpful

02-26-19, 12:13 pm
Hi there
I have 2 females, Syd and Edie. Both 3 years old. Inherited from a friend when they were 2 as she couldn't keep them for personal reasons.
Syd has a history of UTIs, we were refused insurance for her for this reason. In the year we have had her she had one treated with 7 days of antibiotics and painkillers which seemed to clear up fine. In January this year she had blood in her urine and squeaking when she peed/pooed so went back to be, had a course of 5 days antibiotics and painkillers and this seemed to work, got the all clear. That was maybe 3 weeks ago now and last night she has started squeaking again when she pees and tiny flecks of blood in her urine (nothing like before). At all times she has been eating and drinking fine, and has seemed her usual self.

We are worried it is stones but have been quoted 300+ for x-ray at Vets4Pets and they don't think it is necessary. Could it be that she needed a longer course of antibiotics? Does that price sound right for an x-ray?

I am currently waiting for a call back from our closest specialist vet who has kindly agreed to a free telephone consultation to advise if we should take her in there. We cannot afford hundred and hundreds of pounds and if it is stones I have heard terrible things about the outcomes of those operations...

Not sure exactly what I'm asking here but I love Syd dearly and want to do the right thing for her. Any thoughts welcome!

02-26-19, 01:46 pm
I'd definitely want an x-ray for stones, but that's a ridiculous price. Stone surgery is not nearly as bad as a surgery that manipulates the intestines, and I've had two pigs recover just fine from it.

03-23-19, 09:45 pm
That sounds way too expensive just for xrays. I'd check with other vets and get cost estimates.

Does she not drink a lot of water? Maybe more veggies with high water content like cucumbers can help decrease the UTI's or if stones help her pass some? I hope things clear up for her and you find a more cost friendly vet that is still good