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12-05-05, 08:34 am
While my girls were out for floor time, Lacy was trying to take a nap. Buttercup kept pestering her. Lacy started chattering her teeth. Buttercup turned around, put her butt in front of Lacy's face and sprayed her with a fine mist of urine. Lacy jumped back and made a face. Buttercup then walked up to her and sniffed her face. I didn't know girls could spray! Is this normal?

12-05-05, 09:33 am
Yup, it obviously means, "Leave me alone!" A pretty good tactic if you ask me.

12-05-05, 09:35 am
Ha! You should see Lottie. She is the Queen of Spraying. Anyone who goes near her back end gets a soaking - including me. The funny thing is, all the others know now. If they end up near her butt, they'll back up with their heads held high until they're out the way. Very clever way of getting the message across!

12-05-05, 09:42 am
That sounds so funny, CCC! Thank you both! I was so shocked, I ran over, picked her up and checked for a penis! :eye-poppi

Herbie Girl
12-05-05, 12:07 pm


12-05-05, 03:41 pm
My Georgia pees UP her house like a boy!