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12-05-05, 05:44 am
Hey everyone,
Was just wondering what the general view here is of wooden houses. I've got a few myself and I prefer the natural look to those plastic things. But I can't see many wooden houses about, is this because they are really unpopular? or just not made much?

12-05-05, 06:46 am
Wooden hideys are iffy. The thing with them is that when the pigs pee, it soaks into the wood and starts to rot it. You can waterproof it by sticking tape around the bottom edges, but this may not be a good idea with some pigsters habits. Also, some pigs who chew the wood may get splinters.

Wooden hideys are also difficult to disinfect. For example, when you introduce a new piggy to the herd, you have to neutralise everything - hideys, food dishes, waterbottles, the cage, the bedding...everything. It is very difficult to thoroughly clean and disinfect anything wooden, and you often end up just going out to buy another one.

While wooden hideys are often more 'pleasing to the eye' and more natural, pigloos (the plastic hideys) are much more convenient and can last a number of years.

12-05-05, 07:30 am
Are we talking about wooden hutches or hidey houses??

12-05-05, 08:17 am
Now you mention it, I think he'she means wooden hutches. Thank you for enlightening me, D3MP! It is in the Cage Chat board after all. How did I not notice? :o

bee1101 - if you mean the hutches, there are many reasons you don't see them on this site. The main reason being that this entire site is about promoting C&C cages - or "those plastic ones". www.cavycages.com (http://www.cavycages.com/)

Wooden hutches have the same problems as wooden hideys, plus a couple more.

12-05-05, 09:03 am
No, I mean houses.
I have a traditional C & C cage, well, two of them, with 3 piggies in each. They love the wooden houses, love nibbling them. I tend to have quite a few houses, so if there is ever any pee on them, when it comes time to clean the cage, I just rotate the houses so some new ones go in.
To be honest, I'm a fan of the natural thing, I don't like the plastic ones, neither do my piggies.
It's good to see people's different views though.
As for the splinters point, never had anything like that. Wooden houses are pretty much the norm in Germany from what I've seen, and now they are spreading, albeit slowly, to the UK.

12-05-05, 09:21 am
I like both. I've got 3 wooden hideys and 2 'other' houses. Ginny's seems to prefer the wooden ones though.

12-05-05, 12:30 pm
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12-05-05, 01:12 pm
Well, I have gotten one yet because they are expensive!

12-05-05, 01:27 pm
I have a variety of houses I rotate. The boys always have thier pigloos as they are big boys and my other houses are too small for them to stretch out. The girls share a pigloo, stepping stool, wooden cabin, fiddle sticks, 2 tents and a cardboard box lined with coro and fleece. The cardboard box is just for Lina. She likes to stay cozy inside her "bedroom" on chilly days.

12-05-05, 06:51 pm
My dad helped me make lots of wooden houses for the girls! They were easy, cheap, and the pigs LOVE them!

12-05-05, 08:33 pm
How'd you make them cheaply?

I find them pricey too, I bought one on Ebay and it was about 16 bucks, and the girls prefer the cardboard box and totally ignore the wooden one.