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12-04-05, 11:06 pm
Okay, so Chu Chu is MEGA staticy (is that a word? hehe) And everytime she goes near the coroplast her hair stands on end. If I brush her, it's worse. Is there 'Guinea Conditioner?' I could get? I tried looking at the terrible pet stores for regular shampoo... but they had every single animal except guinea pigs... (even rat). Any suggestions? Obviously it's not a huge deal but I look at if at Chu Chu having a bad hair day.


http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c37/chloe-jasmine/th_Picture031.jpg (http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c37/chloe-jasmine/Picture031.jpg)

Her eyes get scary with camera eye.

12-04-05, 11:24 pm
You know, this is really mean of me to say this ....

:D that is just too funny!!! at least to me....

Anyways, don't know any piggy conditioners, but there's a product by Kiehls, called silk-groom. The product line is totally natural, and DON"T BUY A BOTTLE, they will be more than happy to gove you a sample, which is a GENEROUS packet that trust me, that will last you a whole winter!

I only use about a less than a penny size squirt each time, and I have long-hair, so that package will do you good for the winter!

Good luck, and ....
thanks for sharing that hilarious picture!

12-05-05, 12:11 am
Thank you! Is this like an online store I can get this stuff or is this in a certain store? I'm gonna do a google search anyways. And that's not mean... my boyfriend took this pigture and he's like 'This is cute, maybe you should put it on you 'cavy site'.' lol so I figured I'd make a point to posting it.

12-05-05, 12:17 am
okay so I've discovered Kiehl's is a department store that I've never heard of! Do you think they have this stuff at Sears (excuse my Canandian!)

12-05-05, 01:10 am
Kiels is just a product line, and I did a search on its site and put in Ontario, and it showed the following mall/address...

Holt Renfrew-Sherway
25 The West Mall
Etobicoke, Ontario, M9C 1B8

I've also included a picture of the product, bu the samples they give out are actaully in small plastic pouches, its a wonderful product, I've used it a while now!

12-05-05, 03:32 am
Just Earth the plastic, so the built-up static can escape.

12-05-05, 03:47 am
A few years ago we had a cat develop that problem several times over the winter. She kept shocking everyone so I just petted her with a dryer sheet. It worked well.

As for conditioner. Buddy Rinse works great if you can find it. My vet sells it as do a couple of the farm stores. It's sold for humans from some online vegan stores as well as animal health sites and originates from this company http://cloudstar.com/. Don't know if you can find it in Canada though.

12-05-05, 06:06 am
That's kinda funny.

When I put my pigs under MY fleece blanket, they were running around and popcorning, and then I took them out and they're hair was sticking straight up!!! Dusty was annoyed, but I think Cocoa likes it!

12-05-05, 07:36 am
I agree with the dryer sheet suggestion. If my own hair is full of static I rub it down with one.