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02-03-19, 05:46 pm
Hi, my internet nom de plume is Blado. I'm just introducing myself.

I have two guinea pigs, Oreo and Beepboop. Both about 3 years old. I had a guinea pig when I was a child and loved her. A friend of mine had BeepBoop (Originally Beeboo) but no longer had the time for her because of school and work, so I agreed to take her. I did a lot of research prior to welcoming her into my house and knew that guinea pigs need companionship. So, through a friend of a friend, I found Oreo. He had a bunch of other friends in his previous home but didn't get along with them very well. So, to keep Beepboop some company, I agreed to take him in. I plan on giving them both forever homes.

Originally when I got them, I was told they were both boys. Just to ensure I don't get any expected pups, I house them separately except when they can have supervised playtime together. Oreo's quite the stud, so it takes a lot of supervision, but I'm up for the task. :cool:

I've been referencing this forum for a number of years, including my pre-adoption research. I appreciated the community quite a bit as an anon visitor, so I felt this was the best place to register when I came across a question to which I haven't been able to find an answer.

Below is a picture of them playing in separate playpens. Oreo is black and white while BeepBoop is the white/cream furbaby.


Thanks again for the awesome community!