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02-02-19, 11:24 am
Hello, I'm a new owner to guinea pigs and am running into some issues and hope for someone to clear them up.

Oct 2018 my coworker took a pair of guinea pigs (1 male, 1 female) from a customer that needed to rehome them. My coworker put them in a 30” x 12” cage.

Early Nov 2018 my coworker‘s mother made her rehome them because they’re very tight on space. I took them in. He never tried mounting her, but sometimes she would rub her rear in his face. There wasn’t a lot of dominance issues. I upgraded them to a 36” x 12” cage within the week to make time while I planned to build their cage. I noticed the female started looking plumper. Crap. She might be pregnant.

Mid Nov 2018 I got the female a Midwest Cage to give myself more time and the male stayed by himself in that cage. The only time they spent together was supervised with no mounting. They pretty much ignored each other while they walked around.

Dec 2018 I made a 4x2 C&C cage for the female. The male got the Midwest cage I adopted another male that needed a home due to being too big for their herd. My males are getting along good. No chattering, the rare humping, they’re okay. The female is getting ready to pop. Not being completely confident in her age my fear is that she’s not going to survive the birthing process.

Jan 2019 Female has given birth to 4 little babies while I was gone at work. Looks to be 2 girls and 2 boys(they are going to be separated at 3 weeks and rehomed at 8). They are 2.5 weeks as of today. During today’s outtime between the original male and female she was either extremely territorial/dominant (?) she was chattering and seemed like she was ramming him with her teeth bared. The male started chattering back and I separated them before they could fight.

My plan was to get my boys neutered and build a 6x4(min size, thinking of making a longer L-shape in addition to the 6x4) C&C and have them live together. Now with the female behaving this way, is it even possible for any cohabitation with the boys neutered? I know the ratio of 2 males to 1 female causes fights, but is there a ratio that could work with all of them being cohabbed? Could her having a litter, lactating, and being hormonal be the cause? Worst comes to worst I will have the female with one of her young (female of course) and the boys will be separate.
TLDR : got m/f pair. No dominance issues. Female got knocked up, gave birth 2 months later. Now she’s chattering and chasing the male. Is there a possibility they can Cohab after being neutered and changing the ratio ?

I really appreciate the time taken to read this, thank you.

02-02-19, 11:45 am
You can't put multiple males in with females. One male to any number of females should work, but not two males with females.

Don't let them out together. It takes fewer than five seconds for guinea pigs to mate, and you could sneeze and miss it.

If you're going to have the males neutered, you could get another female and have two male-female pairs.