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01-18-19, 12:48 pm
Hello everyone :)

These forums are such an impeccable resource! I'm about to adopt my first two guinea pigs, and your posts have provided *SO* much guidance. So thank you :)

There's a spayed female guinea pig in need of a home, and I would love to adopt her, since she would make an awesome companion for an intact male. Since many SPCAs and rescues are overrun with lonely boars, I would love to give one of these boars a home with this spayed female pig.

THE CHALLENGE IS... this pig is 10 hours away from me. While I (and the pig's owner) don't mind the distance, I'm unsure the best way to transport a guinea pig this far. While I've purchased a 24-inch, hard plastic cat carrier, I don't know if it would be best to transport her in her current enclosure, as this may serve to provide some comfort. Her current enclosure is wire and lined with wood shavings. Were I to use the carrier, I would line it with towels and paper bedding.

Also, I plan on breaking the return drive into two days (so she's only in the car five hours per day.) Do you think this is necessary and ideal? Or should I make the entire drive in one day, so she can move into her new, forever home as soon as possible? Also, should I then take her to the SPCA to meet with potential boars? Or should I simply bring a boar home and introduce the two gradually?

Thank you so much!

01-18-19, 08:17 pm
Ditto ThePigAlchemist on all points.

01-19-19, 11:08 am
Thank you so much, everyone! I think I'll do the drive in one day, but with food and water stops every 1.5 to 2 hours :)