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12-04-05, 02:03 am
Is there any statistical information that a good quality pellet leads to a longer life?? It seems that guinea pigs live a variable lifespan that has nothing to do with the type of pettet they eat. I know that really poor quality pellets will lead to an unhealthy coat and obesity. Lets say that I feed half of my guinea pigs Kaytee pellets and the other half Oxbow pellets. Will the Oxbow half live a longer healthier life?? I rescued a guinea pig many years ago that was fed very poor and lost chuncks of her hair. She lived the last 4 years of her 7 year life on Kaytee pellets, hay and veggies. Would she have lived 8 or 9 years had she ate Oxbow or KM??
Just curious because I recently switched from Kaytee to Oxbow. Does anyone have information to share?? Or personal experience with different brands of food??

12-04-05, 07:29 am
The only correlation I can offer is with parrots, and yes, better food leads to longer life with them. It is easy to see that in an animal where the largest has a 100 year life span. I would suggest that the same works with all animals, the way that it does people, yet with the cavys it is harder to tell because of the short life spans.

They are finding that better diets in cats and dogs leads to longer healthier lives well.

Ethoxyquin, which is in Kaytee foods, has been found to be a cancer causing agent.