View Full Version : Fighting big fight over a sick boar?

12-26-18, 02:18 am
Its the end of christmas day, I have just come home for the first time since the morning and my two boars cage is a huge mess. The bedding is everywhere, the fleece is all over the place, the coroplast is smeared with blood and some pieces of wood bedding are also covered in blood, blood is smeared on my white guinea pig and my brown pig feels stiff in his fur. Both pigs are scared and uneasy. I have checked them all over and neither of them have a scratch on them!! What happened?!

I have heard before of pigs getting in fights if one is sick and when i checked my white guinea pig for marks he had a small amount of clear discharge from his nose but besides that, seems fine. I gave them both some hay and they are fine now. Still a bit uneasy but eating fine and resting. unsure how to proceed.

For reference, this would be the third month of them living together. They have never become best friends but never fought until today. the brown pig would always be very dominant and mean but they would usually settle it. Any advice appreciated. I will definitely monitor my white pig for illness.

12-26-18, 02:36 am
Check around their mouths and faces, that is the most common place for an injury that has caused a lot of bleeding but is hard to find.

It may have just been a dominance dispute, if they had settled before you found them and aren't fighting now I would say leave them together but keep an eye / ear out for any further disputes as long as neither is seriously injured (which it sounds like they aren't). The brown guinea pigs fur may feel stiff if he had been mounted by the other several times. If it is the face/head fur that feels stiff I would also advise checking the privates of the other, as I have had one boar bite another on his penis when he didn't appreciate being face mounted and that did cause quite a bit of bleeding without much obvious injury.

How old are they both? If they are younger than a year old or so old it could just be puberty disputes, where the less dominant one decided to try to challenge the other for the top spot.

12-26-18, 02:48 am
Thank you for your quick reply. I checked their mouths, privates, rubbed their fur every way and so far cant see anything. i will reexamine with not tired eyes in the morning. My white pig is around 6 years old and my brown pig is 5. Brown pig is definitely more aggressive and dominant. Hopefully this fight settles it. Im tired of them always rumbling and throwing their noses in the air and chattering. I want a quiet pair lol