View Full Version : Chewing "All Living Things" castle - is the wood safe?

12-18-18, 11:17 am
Hello! I just bought my guinea pigs a buildable castle from All Living Things, thinking there would be a package slip of some kind or something on the box that said the wood type/safety. I haven't found anything online and better safe than sorry...

Anyone know? or have you used this product before with no issues? They also have a barn hide made of the same material. It has no obvious scent to it.

Here is the product: https://www.petsmart.com/small-pet/toys-and-habitat-accessories/tunnels-and-hideouts/all-living-things-buildable-castle-small-pet-hide-5267743.html

Thank you!!

12-18-18, 12:18 pm
In the picture, it looks like balsa, which will splinter. But I'd email the company that made it and ask.

12-18-18, 04:18 pm
I just bought my guinea pigs a buildable castle from All Living Things

I have exactly the same "barn" and it is indeed balsa. However, I have had absolutely no problems with it. The boys like it better than anything they have ever had....with the exception of cardboard. I don't notice it splintering, but that doesn't mean that it won't. I do suggest that you cut another doorway in the back of it and actually glue it together to give it stability. I even went so far as to glue weights on the top of it so that my "relocation expert" doesn't move it all over the cage.

12-18-18, 05:24 pm
Thanks for the help! I put a little bed in it and it's become the most popular hangout spot. I gave it to them earlier and so far no splintering, but definitely lots of chewing and interest. I'll keep an eye out just in case.