View Full Version : Hello, I'm a new Guinea pig owner!

12-17-18, 01:00 pm
Hi there! I'm new to the Guinea pig circle, this is my first time owning one. I sadly didn't adopt as I hadn't thought about it so I got one from a nearby petstore. She's very cute but still warming up to me, and I hope to make her as happy and friendly as possible :) I'm very nervous about this, since I don't want to mess this all up, so I thought I'd come here to seek the knowledge and wisdom of people who do this for a living!

12-17-18, 01:04 pm
Well, nobody does this for a living, but you're welcome to this bunch of cavy lovers!

Recommended reading: https://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/threads/113176-Information-for-new-guinea-pig-owners

12-17-18, 01:17 pm
Haha I thought there were some breeders on this site that's why, whoops!

12-17-18, 01:35 pm
Nope, we're an anti-breeding, pro-adoption and pro-rescue site.