View Full Version : Want a Guinea Pig(s) Rehoming

11-26-18, 10:52 pm
I wish somebody was rehoming a gpig or selling one for cheap around me!!

11-26-18, 11:08 pm
Have you looked on Petfinder?

11-27-18, 07:43 am
yes there is none :( I would rather not use petsmart again!

- Gpig mom

11-29-18, 09:52 pm
If there are no shelters near you (meaning they are over an hour away), there is nothing on craigslist, nothing on petfinder, and no good breeders, then you will either have to wait for someone to post on craigslist/pet finder or go to a pet store.

stray hares
11-29-18, 11:26 pm
I always recommend waiting. Caring for guinea pigs is not a need, it's a want. A pretty strong want, but it's a want. As awesome and amazing as these little ones are, you're better off not supporting questionable industries and giving a piggy who genuinely needs to be rescued a chance, whether if that's tomorrow or a few weeks or a few months down the track.

Good luck finding your future family member(s) and remember patience and persistence is often rewarded. :)

11-30-18, 08:47 am
@Cizzzi, we NEVER recommend buying a pig from a pet store. They are bred and raised in horrible conditions, with the breeding sows kept continually pregnant until they're too old to breed, and are then killed. The baby pigs are often missexed, and have parasites or illnesses. The baby sows are often pregnant. When you buy a pig from a pet store, the store will just order another one from the same source, so you're just condemning another pig to the same fate.

As @stray hares says, people don't NEED pigs, they just WANT them. I understand that. I want them too. But you can wait until one needing rescue is available. You'll be saving a pig in need, and freeing up a space for another one to be rescued.