View Full Version : General piggies wont eat vitamin c tablet??

11-25-18, 11:17 pm

I got my piggies these tablets like 2 days ago and they just wont eat them. Iím not sure why? Everyone that has piggies that I have seen, their piggies LOVE them, but mine just will not eat them. I want them to have them because 4 are pregnant (surprise boy) and I know it is good for them. What do I do?

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stray hares
11-25-18, 11:41 pm
Try putting a drop of water on the tablets a few seconds before feeding them one. Some piggies get a little iffy about the hardness of the Oxbow cookies.

Otherwise, whenever I have a pregnant female piggy in my care I usually buy vitamin C powder and sprinkle it on their veggies to up their vitamin C (which is advisable during pregnancy due to increased nutritional demands, etc.)

Guinea Pig Papa
11-26-18, 05:20 am
I used to give both Pooper, and Sly the Oxbow Joint support tabs which are virtually identical. Neither would ever eat them willingly.

I had to grind them into a fine powder with a zester, and mix it with a little Critical Care. They loved it.

11-26-18, 03:44 pm
My pigs hated those tablets when I first started buying them. After a week or so they suddenly loved them! Now at noon every day, my pigs wheek until they get their tablet. Maybe your pigs will start liking them in a few days or weeks.

11-27-18, 06:20 pm
I used to crush mine up into a fine powder and sprinkle it over the pellets. She'd accept the tablets that way, but not added to veggies or straight.