View Full Version : Ovarian Cysts Cyst or just round?

11-16-18, 08:53 pm
Hi! First post here. We adopted 2 girls about 6 weeks ago. Both are about 6 month old now. They?re doing really well & show no obvious issues. But the two girls have very different body shapes. One is long & lean, which I imagine is more ?normal?. The other has a shorter body and a very round belly. Kind of pear shape. Fairly sure she?s not pregnant, but more thinking it could be an ovarian cyst. But doesn that happen often in a piggy so young? I haven?t seen any hair loss or other symptoms, just wanted to hear other thoughts. Or maybe just her body shape is naturally different?

11-16-18, 09:38 pm
She's very young for ovarian cysts. And guinea pigs are no more the same size and body shape than people are.

How sure are you that she's not pregnant? Six weeks is about when a pregnant sow would really start looking pregnant. See https://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/threads/103012-How-can-I-know-if-my-guinea-pig-is-pregnant-And-how-far-along-is-she and see if that's any help.

11-17-18, 07:49 am
That was my thought as well, that she?s pretty young for cysts. But wanted to hear from others with more experience. She could be pregnant only if she got exposed to a male at the humane society, which I obviously have no clue about. I would think unlikely, but you never know. Also, she?s been very round since we got her. Just as she?s grown in general, she?s a bit more round too. And she belly had a little bit of a hard ball feeling to it. That?s that makes me wonder... so most likely is probably babies or just that?s her shape.

thank you for your reply!