View Full Version : Help!! My name is Christ. My girlfriend and I take care of 5 little piggies.

11-12-18, 11:20 pm
Hello, the attached picture is of my first guinea pig Gravy. I bought her not knowing she was pregnant, the previous owners didnt know either. She has 4 babies this past August 29th. I dont have a picture of them all together, but I do have a picture of each separately.
I made this account looking for help. About 3 weeks ago, one of the piggies started becoming aggressive towards the others. They are all females, the luck, we didnt have money for a separate cage (still saving). This piggy, Hazel, continues to badger and antagonize her sisters. I've separated thus far for about 5 days now. Everytime I bring her out for free range play in my room with her sisters, she never fails to aggravate her sisters. She even kept biting her mom Gravy and I have to keep her separate at all times. That time that she bit her mom, i picked her up to put her in her cage and she she bit me pretty badly and I bleed. Today, she scratched me, bit me, and drew blood once again. I dont understand why she is so aggressive. Their cage isnt the biggest for them, but for the most part of the day I leave it open so they can hop in and out as they please. Recently, for the time that Hazel has been separated, the smallest of the litter, Buttercup, has begin the become the aggressor to the rest. What can I do? I despise the fact that even if they have the entire room to themselves, they continue to pester one another. They get into small altercations of nipping, teeth clattering, and vibrations.

11-13-18, 12:44 pm
Are you positive she's female? You've turned them all over and compared their private parts to make sure they're the same?

The most common reason for guinea pig aggression is mites. They make pigs mighty cranky. Another reason for aggression is lack of space. If you've got five pigs in a cage, it should be at least 16 square feet, which is WAY bigger than any cage you can purchase at a pet store.