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12-03-05, 12:56 pm
Hello, when I got Peanut from a pet store (I'm for a rescue for friends now) they were having a sale and gave me a bunch of gp stuff. Some I use, and some I choose not to because what I have read on here. One of the things are those wooden chew sticks, but I saw that in many of your cages so I thought that they were ok. I've seen just a handful of small teeth marks on it, but this morning he was like actually eating the wood. This can't be good right? Won't there be splinters that can hurt him?
Do you think I should take the wood chew toys out?

He also came with a "critter cone mineral treat" that is shaped like an icecream cone. I haven't gave this to him because you all said no salt/mineral licks and such. Is this trash too? 45% min calcium, 0.015% min phosphorus and 0.6% max salt. Ingredients are calcium, salt, oyster shell flavor (?), artificial color, natural flavor. The back of the package talks about how all these things are essential for healthy pigs, but I know they are just trying to sell the things and trust your opinions. I am trying my best to raise healthy, happy pigs.

Thank you so much for your continued help!
Sarah and Peanut

12-03-05, 03:42 pm
Wood chews are ok. They should be getting unlimited hay to wear down their teeth but some guinea pigs like to play with them and chew them up anyway. None of mine are big chewers and ignore any chew toys.

Mineral treats are trash. Guinea pigs are very sensitive to getting alot of calcium and will develop extremely uncomfortable and possibly lifethreatening stones if you feed them too much. Also the artificial colors added to those things are unhealthy as well.