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11-07-18, 06:27 am
So I have always wanted a skinny pig and finally got one about 2 months ago. The breeder only had one female available and said to me she was living alone but she is young probably now about 4-5 months old. We recently visited an animal farm that had pigs for adoption. The farm swore to us the big one that no one wanted was a females so we adopted her. Well we took her to the vet and she is a he lol. I have not put them together obviously but their cages are next to each other. We were thinking of neutering him so they can be together. The vet could not tell us how old he was just that he is an adult and the farm just said he?s been there awhile. My issue is that the two pigs don?t seem to care at all about each other. They don?t make noises at each other and rarely sniff if the other is out. They seem to be very content ignoring each other. I thought they would make noises and talk to each other. I don?t want to neuter him if they are both happier not being together. I know most pigs are happier with another pig but I have also read on here about pigs fighting and not getting along. So we are unsure what to do. Do we neuter him and try it out or let them be how they are?

11-07-18, 08:39 am
Usually boars and sows get along great together; it's pretty rare for them to have a falling out where they can't be kept together anymore. It could be that since your boar is new, he's still trying to get used to his surroundings and that's why he hasn't shown much interest in your sow yet. You may see a lot more interaction when they are actually introduced.

But again, it's important to remember that a lot of pigs won't necessarily be super close buddies with their cagemate. When we talking about "bonding" guinea pigs, what's really meant is that the pigs have been introduced to one another and they can live together without fighting. Guinea pigs don't really "bond" in the sense that all of them will be best friends. But they are herd animals and generally they feel safer having other pigs around. Personally, I would try getting him neutered and introduce them a month after the surgery and see if they don't hit it off once they actually meet.