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11-05-18, 08:37 am
Hello everyone! My name is Kayla and I am a mom to 2 wonderful little humans (they are 11 & 6) My boys have expressed an interest in getting a guinea pig as a pet and I was doing my research first (although I?ve owned piggies before when I was a child - but I know recommendations change) I found this amazing forum and signed up to do some more research.

I?m hoping to gain lots of information on cages, setup, and appropriate care here! Thanks for adding me! ♥️

11-05-18, 10:01 am
Hi Kayla :) I'm glad that your boys are interested in owning a guinea pig. That being said, it's important to note that guinea pigs thrive in pairs. They are a social animal and are happier and more confident in pairs!

Also be prepared for the possibility that your boys will completely lose interest in a guinea pig over a few weeks, months or years. I've owned a variety of animals when I was a young girl (rats, lizards, turtles, fish, bunnies). After the first month or so of owning these animals, I didn't feel like cleaning or interacting with them at all. A majority of people who have their guinea pigs listed on kijiji say that they are getting rid of the pig because their kid stopped taking care of it. I hope you are prepared to possibly be the sole caregiver of a guinea pig(s)! I've only had pigs for the past 5 months and they are much more expensive and time consuming than I originally thought :P I love them though!! I hope you find lots of valuable information here Kayla.

11-05-18, 01:50 pm
Make sure your boys know that guinea pigs are nothing like kittens and puppies. They're skittish and always will be. They don't come when called unless they think you've got food. They may tolerate being held, but few learn to like it much. They don't play. All in all, they're a much better pet for an adult than a child!