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Ginger pig love
10-27-18, 12:21 pm
Hey cavi lovers! I haven't posted for months! So, I wanted to re-introduce myself! Gingy is my cavi. We have a bigger home for her! We are working to train litter box style! I will keep you guys posted!

10-27-18, 03:38 pm
Welcome back.

But that cage still isn't large enough, and it's got way too much stuff in it. She's got no room at all to run around.

10-27-18, 06:46 pm
She looks so much like my pig who is also named Ginger. Their markings are so similar they look like sisters. I also call her Gingy as her nickname. BTW, that's not Ginger in my picture, that's Rusti. I guess I have a fondness for the shorthaired orange piggies.

Welcome back to the forum.

Ginger pig love
10-27-18, 07:31 pm
:love: Cool

Ginger pig love
10-27-18, 07:33 pm
BPatters:importantShe is fine!:sad: :mad:She runs around a lot and also I take stuff in and out all the time!