View Full Version : I wish I had a camera.

The Magic Taco
12-03-05, 04:54 am
Today I saw the cutest thing ever.

I was walking past the pig cage and I saw Spencer curled up next to the pigloo and Sonny, sprawled out on top of the pigloo! And to make this even cuter (which I thought was impossible) Ginger the cat was lying near the cage asleep, sunbathing!!
Kip Time! Aww!:love:

Where's the camera when you need it? Has something like this happenned to you?

12-03-05, 05:07 am
I've been quite lucky with the camera. The only things I've yet to (properly) catch on cam are the piggies sleeping and Bonnie standing up on her back legs which she does frequently. Here are some of my best "caught on camera" moments.




Yes, the last is of a hamster, but it's a good snap nonetheless!

12-03-05, 06:31 am
I love that hamster one.

12-03-05, 06:33 am
If only I could capture a pic of a piggy yawning!! I have tonnes of photos of my dog yawning but that's not so tricky to snap. I have a pic of my hedgehog with his tongue sticking out which I can post later.;)
And that hamster pic is sooooooo cute!!

12-03-05, 06:39 am
Aww! That's so sweet-your hamsterlooks adeorable!

12-03-05, 11:48 am
LOL at the hamster picture. Thats classic its like "what you lookin at?"