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12-02-05, 06:57 pm
The thrill that some people get out of the torture and abuse of small animals sickens me to the core of my being. I have read about and seen mulitple disgusting acts that humans inflict on helpless animals, but against bunnies I am particularly outraged.

Here is an absolute horrific display of a sick individuals pleasure of torture and terror inflicted on a defenseless bunny. It angers me beyond words.

The pictures are graphic, so be forewarned.

And to think, this precious bunny still trusts humans.


12-02-05, 07:03 pm
I am crying right now. That is one of the most horrible things I have ever seen. I hope they lock up that psychopath kid that did this.

12-02-05, 07:27 pm
Great another serial killer in the making...lock the kid up and throw away the key! because if they dont..they will have a killer on the loose...to prey on people next! poor bunny:( sending pheonix some healing vibes..and some money!

12-02-05, 07:40 pm
That's just so wrong I don't have words to describe it. I hope that kid gets put away for good.

12-02-05, 09:04 pm
Oh, that poor little bun bun. Thank God he is in good hands now. I'm sending him my good vibes.

12-02-05, 10:44 pm
It's times like this I'm glad we got Hoppus from someone who wasn't taking proper care of him. I hope when he gets locked up and one of his cellmates who likes animals lights HIM on fire. My boyfriend couldn't believe it. Neither can I for that matter. I'm glad they got a hold of this bunny. It's such a beautiful colour... what a shame.

12-03-05, 07:04 am
I hope that kid gets put away for good.
And it upsets me that he won't. Probably just get a slap on the wrist. Then down the road when he starts doing it to people they might take it a little more seriously.

12-03-05, 05:01 pm
I'm bawling my eyes out right now! That is the worst thing I've ever seen. I hope they set that kid on fire..Grrr! Poor poor bunny =0(

Bunny Gurl
12-03-05, 05:33 pm
Who in their mind would do a thing like this. I am sorry but that person or people have to be sick.:eek: What I don't understand is how could that rabbit still trust humans after this?

12-03-05, 05:53 pm
Wow...that's beyond words. It's a real testiment that the bunny still trusts people after all that trauma. What a horrible, horrible thing.

i love piggies
12-03-05, 06:22 pm
That was so terrible I didn't want to go past the first picture, but I did am feel so sick. I am almost crying.
Who in thier right mind could do such a thing? Some sick twisted psyco, argh it makes me so angry.
I have 5 bunnies and I don't know what I'd do without them. If anyone ever hurt them I would be very peeved.

YK Shepherd
12-06-05, 04:09 pm
How could anyone do such a thing? How could someone even thing up such an act much less go and do it? That poor rabbit, I hope it lives the rest of its life being loved and spoiled, he sure has earned it. Poor thing!

Pigaroo Mama
12-06-05, 05:48 pm
I am fighting back tears of sadness and DISCUST.
I emailed the Marin County DA that they need to send a message that bunnies, like GPs, hamsters, etc, are not disposable pets. They also need to deal with this child monster before he becomes another Jeffrey Dahmer or Ted Bundy.

I would urge you all to do the same. Often what happens in CA sets a precident for the rest of the country.

12-10-05, 06:08 pm
oh my god. that must have hurt hurt hurt. poor soul

Cavy Tamer
12-13-05, 06:52 pm
This is why I could never give away my pets. You never know the kind of person they'd end up with.

12-13-05, 07:33 pm
I have a rabbit ny self that is just sick!I could never do such a thing! A lif for a life!To sit and wacth it scream.My cat caught a baby rabbit once it screams still huant me .I hope they burm!!!!

01-01-06, 03:07 pm
How can anybody do that :eek: ? and sleep at night?? It sickens me!:sorry:

01-01-06, 05:15 pm
Fortunately little Phoenix is getting better. He has been neutered and the vet cleared out the fluid and crap that was buried within his burned off ears. He is also growing some fur back. Take a look at his update! Sweet little baby with no ears. They also need help with a writing campaign to get this prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

I hope all of you will take a few minutes to write an email to the prosecutor of this case. We need to have our voices heard that this will not be tolerated.

Animal abuse and torture must stop.

flower power :@
01-01-06, 05:38 pm
This is just sick.
Burn the boy and see if he likes it!!!!!!!

01-02-06, 08:03 am
This kid needs some serious therapy and to be put in an anger managment program. I think that rehabilitating him is probably a better option than locking him up. I mean, there obviously has to be something wrong with a person that would do this. No one in their right mind could do this to any animal, especially that precious bunny.

Percy's Mom
01-02-06, 09:32 am
Pheonix is such a sweetheart. He is truly living up to his namesake and rising out of the ashes from his burns and everything. I hope he can someday find a wonderful loving home of his own.

01-02-06, 12:44 pm
This kid needs some serious therapy and to be put in an anger managment program. I think that rehabilitating him is probably a better option than locking him up. I mean, there obviously has to be something wrong with a person that would do this. No one in their right mind could do this to any animal, especially that precious bunny.

I have to disagree on not locking him up and giving him therapy. He can get that when he is in jail or when he gets out. If this was a human being that he had done this to, there wouldn't even be a discussion, he would be in jail no questions asked. That's the problem, we minimize animals, they are less than us so when we kill and torture them then the penalties are less, if any at all. I do NOT subscribe to that way of thinking.

I am also of the opinion that just because he did this that means he needs help. These days far too many kids are just plain cruel. They are not taught to have respect or empathy towards anything. That's the parents job. If that's the case then it starts at home and I blame the parents as well as this kid.

01-02-06, 01:08 pm
I am in tears here. Animals should have the same rights a people. I hope and pray he has a speedy recovery.
What possessed this kid to do something like that. I am not sticking up for the kid because he has some serious problems - has anybody looked into his home life. A lot of kids who tourture animals or children younger than themselves are not always but mostly being abused themselves.

01-03-06, 08:25 am
Some people in this world are so sick and twisted!! I'm so upset looking at those pictures and it saddens me even more to say that he will probably just be allowed to walk away and harm another animal :mad:

03-05-06, 03:18 am
You hit the nail on the head. I just read the update dated 2-27-06. He got a plea bargain, no jail time. That is just wrong!

And what I don't get is the mentality that a person can either be imprisoned OR treated. Why can't they be imprisoned WHILE getting treatment? I think everyone, human and animal, would be a whole lot safer that way...