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09-27-18, 10:06 am
Hi! I am a brand new piggie owner with a quick question. We just added two young, small baby guinea pigs (just over 4 weeks) to our family, adopted from friends who were told an incorrect gender by a rescue and ended up inadvertently breeding their piggies. One is still terrified and stays in his hideout, but the other is happily exploring the cage and eating and such in our presence. We discovered just this morning that to eat his hay, he is actually climbing completely into the hay buffet. Like all four legs, entire body disappearing up inside the hay buffet - those heart-shaped openings are clearly too big for our little guys. First I just want to confirm that this isn't ok, right? I mean, he could get stuck in there some day as he gets bigger, and he's probably doing his business in there with the hay he's eating - gross. It's pretty silly looking and adorable that he's that excited about eating, but I assume we need to prevent it. Second, how might we tackle this problem? Do you think some duct tape partially over the openings would help? Thanks for any advice!

09-27-18, 10:52 am
I also had that same problem with my pigs. I bought that Hay Buffet and my smallest pig climbed into it. She ended up getting stuck and was really frightened and upset. It was fortunate that I was home at the time and was able to get her out without an injury. I didn't want to take any more chances with it so I just put it away with the intention to use it when my pigs were older. It's been a few years and it is still sitting in the closet. I found a better way for them to be able to have their hay.

You asked about putting duct tape over the holes, I wouldn't do that because of the chance that your pig would start chewing on the tape and ingesting it. My suggestion would be to take it out until your pig is older and cannot fit into the heart-shaped holes.

I wish I had better advice to give you. The hay container is so cute and seems like such a good idea to help keep your cage clean but I have found that all of my pigs would rather just have a pile of hay. I realize that they waste more hay with that method but it seems to make them happy to be able to dig around for that perfect strand of hay.

I don't want to close without welcoming you to the forum. Congratulations on your new additions. I'm sure your new babies are just adorable. What are their names?

09-27-18, 11:13 am
Kelsie, thank you! You're of course right - no duct tape. Bummer, I'll just have to figure out another way to provide them their hay.

The terrified boy is orange and white and my son named him Tiger. Hi brother was the runt of the litter and is black and white with a little orange on his nose and is named Wilbur. We are in love with them both, but Wilbur's antics to get food are already providing much amusement, event just a couple days into our new journey.