View Full Version : Chutter R.I.P (Early 2000- Late 2005)

12-02-05, 02:44 pm
My guinea pig Chutter, who was 5+ years old has died. I feel very bad right now, he was my first guinea pig and I was very attached to him. I assumed he died last night because I was holding him before I went to bed. I was very scared when I found him dead because I thought that he was sleeping and then discovered that he was dead.

R.I.P Buddy
Chutter (2000-2005)

12-02-05, 02:49 pm
I am very very sorry for your loss.

12-02-05, 03:00 pm
I'm sorry for your loss :(

12-02-05, 04:20 pm
I'm really sorry to hear this. Hugs to you.


Binas Cavys
12-02-05, 06:00 pm
I am so sorry:weepy: .

12-02-05, 08:09 pm
I'm so sorry for your loss. Run free Chutter.

12-03-05, 07:19 pm
This is Chutter about two weeks ago. I never got a picture up of him so I figured that I should put one up. I took this picture two weeks ago on my cell phone.


12-04-05, 03:29 pm
I am so sorry you lost the handsome Chutter. Take care.

smileyface cavy
12-06-05, 09:21 am
I'm sorry. R.I.P. Chutter. :goodvibes

12-06-05, 10:36 am
Rest in Peace, I know how that feels. I lost 2 guinea pigs at once before...One was staying at my boyfriends, and I had her sister. All of the sudden, Woodstock fell ill and the vet couldn't see her for 4 days and she died in 3. She died in my arms, it was so sad. I was holding her and went to show my mom's bf how bad she looked and when I looked down her eyes were closed. 4 days later, Pepsi (my bf's) got very ill and died in a day, during the night. We think half the reason Pepsi died was of a broken heart. They didn't even live together and yet they died 5 days apart. So don't you be sad! Chutter is with his mommy or his grandma or his sister that he loved so dear. Chutter lived a long life, Woodstock and Pepsi weren't even 6mnths old. You should be proud of yourself, you took care of this piggy so well! He wasn't even noticably sick, so he probably passed away from old age type reasons. I'm sorry if I'm making you upset, I just wanted to share my story and be supportive. Hugs and kisses!