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09-10-18, 09:12 pm
My son has a piggy and he absolutely adores him. He watches TV with him. He's had him for a few yrs but I never knew a group like this existed so I'm new to this. I'm not sure if Gibbs is a male or female, don't know how to tell but my son adores his piggy either way. We do buy him treats and hay, we give him apple slices and carrots. I went on chewy and got him a house that he loves sleeping in. We all love him lots. This is a pic of our Gibbs.85274

09-10-18, 09:53 pm
Cute piggy!

See http://www.cavyspirit.com/sexing.htm for info on genders. At that age, you'll be easily able to tell if it's a male, as they're usually obviously well endowed.

But he needs his nails trimmed.

09-10-18, 10:13 pm
I know I'm going to trim them tomorrow and thank you for the help with figuring out if Gibbs is male or female I'm going to bed now but I'll look tomorrow