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08-31-18, 04:06 pm
85216 85217 85218 85219The breeder I got my guinea pigs from miss gendered my guinea pigs I noticed this quickly but my guinea pig was already pregnant. The pups 3 weeks are coming up and they need to be separated soon. I plan on keeping all the girls and I have a good friend that has experience with guinea pigs and is willing to take the boys. I’ve never gendered pups and I want a second opinion on their genders. (The names aren’t permanent by the way)

08-31-18, 06:42 pm
The photos aren't close up enough for me to say for certain, but at first glance it looks like you could have 4 girls on your hands (dawn is the one I am the least certain about).

It can help if you gently part the genitals, I'll attach some photos of my own of what you are looking for when you do this. You will also be able to feel a firm line just underneath the skin just above the genitals on a boar, as male guinea pigs have a bone in their penis (sows will not have this firm line).

Here is a photo of a young sow with her genitals gently parted.

Here is a photo of her brother, with his genitals gently parted.

08-31-18, 09:12 pm
I checked all of them and all of them looked simular to your female. What’s the odds of getting all girls :o !!!

08-31-18, 09:22 pm
Yep. They all look like girls to me. I don't think I've ever seen that in a four pup liter, hehe.