View Full Version : The Hay page is completed.

02-05-04, 01:37 am
The Hay page is one of the pages that wasn't ready right away. It's now been reformatted and slightly updated.

www.cavycages.com/hay.htm (http://www.cavycages.com/hay.htm)

02-05-04, 11:54 am
It looks super Teresa!!
However, I noticed a few small pictures overlapping text. But I'm sure your aware of this. :)

02-05-04, 12:03 pm
No actually. Which pix are overlapping, I'll fix it. Also, can you tell me what resolution your screen is set to?

Thx for letting me know.

02-05-04, 01:03 pm
If the problem was on the Oxbow hay area, see if that fixed it (hit refresh on your screen). If not, if you could do me a big favor and hit the print screen and save that into a document or email and send it to me via email, that would be great.

Thx, Teresa

[email protected]

02-05-04, 11:07 pm
600x800 screen resolution if that's what you mean.

Ok- I sent you a shot of the way the hay page looks on my end. I sent it to me as well to see what it looks like and if I even sent it! It appears that none of the graphic's are showing through email, but if you look midway down the page you will see some graphics overlapping text.

I had the same exact problem happen when I had a website with Homestead.

But other than that, the website is coming out very nicely!!

Good luck in getting the problem fixed and I hope I was of some help....

02-06-04, 03:47 pm
I just removed the overlapping photos. They didn't add any value anyway. Also, the main front page should look a little better for you. The pyramid of piggies should all be neat and orderly now. I don't think they were before at your screen resolution (you need a new monitor :) ).