View Full Version : We lost Bunny

12-01-05, 10:45 pm
This is so sad for me to say but Bunny passed away on Nov. 17th. We were getting ready to go on vacation and I took her to a friend's house to babysit her. We took her there on Wednesday. My friend has a rabbit so we let the two meet but they didn't like each other and Bunny ended up getting a little cut above her eye. My friend kept them separated and I went over to visit on Thursday evening. On Friday morning my friend called and said that Bunny died overnight. We had to leave on Friday but my husband went and took care of Bunny. I cried for the first two days of our trip.

We are so upset and I feel like its my fault because I left her.

12-02-05, 09:42 am
Oh, I'm so sorry to hear this. Was this was the Bunny you found in your yard? You can't blame your self in a situation like this. If you had thought Bunny was in danger or ill you would not have left her at your friends house for your trip.

12-02-05, 10:24 am
Yes, Bunny was the one we found. She was our first and only Bunny. My husband was really heartbroken because he and Bunny totally clicked. Bunny's cage was in our livingroom and its still just so sad to walk in there and not have her be there to greet us.

12-02-05, 12:16 pm
I am very sorry for your loss. It always hurts. so, when we lose one we love.