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08-14-18, 09:51 pm
Aloha from me and my four fur babies here in Hawaii!
I have 3 boys and 1 girl.
This is Ginny (pronounced as Guinea). He is the very first piggy I've ever gotten and he's the most affectionate piggy so far. We joke that he is the one that looks like a rat the most....

This is Oreo! He is my big boy and my most chill fur baby. He was adopted from a previous owner so if I ever post a video of him you'll notice he is much bigger than Ginny. We joke that he's our cow baby as well lol.

This is Vinny! He is my baby boy, the youngest of the four. He's my shy boy and barely likes to be picked up by anyone (except his mommy of course :) ) but once you do get a hold of him, he's pretty chill. We joke that he's a chipmunk sometimes c:

This is Reeses. She was also adopted from a previous owner so she's also bigger than Ginny and Vinny. She looks a little like a beaver c: She is a spoiled princess and demands attention constantly with very loud wheeking xD

don't worry, I'll post better photos later on haha

08-15-18, 02:43 pm
Welcome to the forum. You are lucky enough to live in my most favorite spot in the world. I'm jealous. lol

Your babies are so beautiful. Vinnie in particular is just adorable. He looks very much like my girl Teddi. She is also a silver agouti.

I'm looking forward to seeing more pictures of your piggies. Isn't it so nice how they all have different personalities.

08-15-18, 03:29 pm
I actually have no idea what breeds they all are xD if you guys could help me out with defining them that would be helpful... (I've tried asking my vets but they usually are like hmmmm and then run off to do some other stuff xD)

08-15-18, 03:53 pm
Wow Hawaii!! So jealous, I almost went there last summer but went someplace else.

Your pigs are adorable! I really love Ginny's facial pattern.

08-16-18, 10:43 am
I'm not the best at being able to differentiate between the various guinea pig breeds but I would say that all of your pigs are American Shorthairs. Vinnie is, as I said, an Silver Agouti. There's different terminology that is used to describe the various colors. Now unless they have longer hair than I can tell by the pictures then I have to correct my description of their breeds.

No matter what breed they are, they are just as cute as can be.

08-17-18, 01:18 pm
*updated pictures!*
Ah ginny is the only one with pretty long hair....

Oreo is really big but most of the time he likes to scrunch up to make him seem smaller xD

Vinny is really difficult to really settle down long enough to get a picture :P

And my baby girl Reeses is always just looking for attention anyways xD