View Full Version : I got 2 birds with one stone!

12-01-05, 03:59 pm
I have been trying to figure out a way to contain my hay in the cage. It sticks to the fleece and is a pain. Well I think I found a solution.

I had an extra wooden hidey house that I tunred upsidedown to put the hay in. My pigs LOVE this! They can eat it through the little hole, climb into it and eat, or they jump into it from their little *bunkbed* (a bent grid covered in fleece that they have to jump up onto). So the hay problem has been sloved.

By laying in the hay all the time to eat it, I found that they also peed a lot. So when I cleaned it today, I put a layer of carefresh under all of the hay.

So not only did I fix my hay problem, they have litter trained themselves! I just make sure that all the hay they have is fresh and not too peed in. I will post a pic soon.

12-01-05, 05:47 pm
Great job making a quick solution!

12-01-05, 09:31 pm
Great idea. My girls make a mess with their hay too, and since I made a bent grid hay rack, they hang out a lot there too, and it has become their new pee spot. When I revamp their cage (to the recommended size, yay!) I was thinking of how best to contain the hay. Thanks!

12-02-05, 12:13 am
Here is a pic (actually a bunch) of what I did